Two Common Winning Mega Millions Numbers Help New York Player Hit Jackpot

Two Common Winning Mega Millions Numbers Help New York Player Hit Jackpot

A Mega Millions player from New York is celebrating after hitting the jackpot on Friday night, using two of the most common winning numbers in the game’s history to land the estimated $104 million jackpot.

The lucky winner, yet to be identified, picked the numbers 5 and 39, along with 54, 63, 66 and the Mega Ball 15 to claim the windfall from the draw on Friday September 22nd. 5 and 39 have been drawn 204 and 205 times respectively in Mega Millions’ 15-year history, and only 31, 2 and 17 have been drawn more since the game began in 2002.

It’s the fifth Mega Millions jackpot win of the year and the lucky multimillionaire wasn’t the only person rejoicing after the draw.

Other Mega Millions winners

Two players also correctly matched all five numbers on Friday, minus the Mega Ball, one from Michigan and another from New York.

The Michigan winner is $1 million richer, whilst the New-York based player takes home $5 million after playing with Megaplier. The Megaplier can be added onto your Mega Millions ticket for $1 in most states, and it certainly paid off for this New York player after the huge 5x Megaplier was drawn.

Elsewhere, 29 players matched four numbers and the Mega Ball to claim a $5,000 prize, with $25,000 going to three Megaplier winners in this category. A full prize breakdown can be found at the Mega Millions Numbers page.

Which numbers could come up in the next draw?

48 is the most overdue number, last drawn 206 days ago on March 3rd 2017, and this long drought could come to an end following tomorrow’s draw. 19 was last drawn 167 days ago, and it’s been 146 days since 43 was one of the winning numbers.

Whilst the New York jackpot player chose two of the most common winning numbers, it could be some of the most overdue numbers that land you a jackpot win over the coming weeks.

67 is the least often drawn number, having appeared just 16 times. If you feel it is about time it started pulling its weight a bit more in the winning line, you could add it to your playslip this week. You can find more information about the most common pairs, most popular numbers drawn at the Mega Millions Statistics page.

The jackpot is now reset at $15 million ahead of tomorrow’s draw on Tuesday September 26th.

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