The Mega Millions jackpot just keeps getting bigger & better!

The Mega Millions jackpot just keeps getting bigger & better!

The jackpot now is at the $50 Million mark and things are getting spicier by the second. Will you be the one to win a prize during the next draw?

During last Friday’s draw, there were no jackpot winners, making it rollover to $50 Million with a cash option of $39.3 Million. However, this does not mean that there were no lucky winners during the draw as there were 73,018 individuals in total who snagged a prize.

If for any reason you, unfortunately, missed out on this particular draw, here are its results:

Main Numbers - 9, 38, 47, 49 & 68

Mega Ball - 25  and Multiplier - 2x

In Friday’s draw, only one person from New York managed to match the 5 main numbers winning an insane prize of $1 Million. This ticket holder did not purchase the ticket with the Megaplier, however, if the person had, the win would’ve been doubled to a total amount of $2 Million. Six other lucky individuals won $10,000 each by matching the 4 main numbers as well as the Mega Ball. One of the six winners had bought the winning ticket with the Megaplier, and since the Megaplier was x2, the win doubled to an amazing $20,000. 

239 fortunate people also won $500 each by matching 4 of the main numbers - 53 of the 239 had their tickets with the Megaplier so they ended up winning $1000. Other winners won a prize ranging from $2 to $400.

The next draw will occur this Tuesday at 23:00 EST. Click here to place your bets before the draw occurs. 

Winners from New Jersey have the right to claim prizes in an anonymous way

In the month of January, a brand new law was approved where lotto winners residing in the state of New Jersey can opt for anonymity. After just passing this law, a month later on the 12th of February, this state saw a gigantic win of $202,000,000. The lucky ticket-holder said how they were first aware of the New Jersey jackpot win via Facebook, and quickly checked the ticket which was stored in their car. The winner was completely overwhelmed once figuring out that the winning ticket was their own, meanwhile trying to come up with what to do next. 

The New Jersey Lottery went ahead with a press conference in which James Carey - the Executive Director - gave ‘Quick Stop Food Store’ on 940 Inman Ave. in Edison, Middlesex County an incredible commission of $30,000 for being the ones that sold the winning ticket. He went on to suggest to the audience that whoever is lucky enough to snatch a prize should be very cautious; the back of the winning ticket should be signed by the winner as quickly as possible then make sure to speak with a financial advisor as well as an attorney before claiming the grand prize. Whilst the press conference is taking place, the winner was watching and taking all of the information into consideration and afterwards, signed the ticket and spoke with a lawyer. This particular winner of the $202 Million refused publicity and therefore remaining anonymous. A big congratulations goes to this very lucky individual!

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