Mega Millions Winner Sells Home Bought With Jackpot

Mega Millions Winner Sells Home Bought With Jackpot

2014 Mega Millions winner is selling his $5.5 mountain estate he had bought with his winnings and was originally put on the market for $26 million.

Mega Millions winner Rick Knudsen, who won the massive jackpot of $180 million back in 2014, is now looking to sell his California home he had bought with his winnings, at the price of $19.1 million. 

Knudsen had bought a $5 lottery ticket on his way to the gym and ended up taking home the full jackpot. Not long after cashing in his winnings, Knudsen quit his job and bought the property, uncompleted at the time, for $5.5 million. The house sits at a 9,000 foot above ground level and boasts breath-taking views of mountain peaks and overlooks the Salton sea as well as Catalina island. After purchasing the home, he expanded the property and added a 155-acre buffalo ranch, a 640-acre stretch of land as well as a steakhouse and Wild West saloon close by. 

According to Concierge Auctions, the mountain estate is now up for auction and starts at the minimum price of $6.9 million after it was originally listed for $26 million. 

Latest Mega Millions Results

Here are the winning numbers for the $79 million Mega Millions draw on Tuesday 20th August:

08 - 14 - 25 - 51 - 63 - MegaBall 04 - MegaPlier 3x

No one matched the 5 numbers plus the Mega ball. However, a ticket sold in Arizona matched all 5 numbers and the lucky winner won $1 million. Moreover, there were another 2 people who matched 4 numbers plus the Mega Ball bought with the Mega Plier option and bagged the attractive sum of $30,000 each.

Since the last draw saw no takers, the jackpot for next Friday’s draw has rolled over and now stands at staggering $90 million, with a cash option of $63.9 million.

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