Mega Millions’ latest results and new millionaire winner

Mega Millions’ latest results and new millionaire winner

Here are the most recent lottery results for the draw on Tuesday, November 3rd 2020 as well as further exciting information in regards to the grand win in Riverside County of $22 Million.

The Mega Millions jackpot spikes up to $142 Million after its rollover on Tuesday’s drawing, due to no jackpot win. However, this does not mean that this particular draw saw no winners, in fact, there were plenty! Meanwhile, the next draw goes on Friday at 23:00 ET. 

Below are the results for the draw on 11/3/2020, in case you, unfortunately, missed it:

Main Numbers - 7, 31, 44, 45 & 55 

Mega Ball - 19    Megaplier - x3

This draw didn’t see a millionaire winner but it did see 444,786 Mega Millions winners in total. The largest prize given out in this draw was of $10,000 and only 12 fortunate people won by managing to match the four of the main numbers as well as the Mega Ball. Four of these 12 winners had purchased their winning ticket with the Megaplier, which was x3, meaning their win finally totaled up to a whopping $30,000. 271 people won $500 by matching 4 of the main numbers, and 48 of these 271 winners had the Megaplier ticket, therefore, winning a $1500 sum each. 675 Mega Millions players took home $200 when they matched 3 of the main numbers as well as the Mega Ball. 120 of the 675 Mega Millions players had their ticket with the Megaplier, totaling their win to $600. The overall odds of winning a Mega Millions prize is 1 in 24 - so why don’t you give this a whirl?

Riverside County player wins $22 Million

Douglas Cummings, a Mega Millions player, bought a ticket at the Chevron gas station located at 12464 Limonite Avenue in Mira Loma (Riverside County) and won a $22 Million prize. In the draw of the 31st of July, Cummings managed to match with the following numbers, 46-69-48-12-35 and the Mega Ball 23. The winner didn’t explain what his plans are for his fortune and has wished to be silent about it, however, the Chevron station’s manager, Christian Saracay, was quite thrilled about the win. 

He said how his sales have sky-rocketed and the store’s regulars were very impressed and happy that the win came out from the very same store they go to. He also stated how they have never had any gigantic wins like such. A $110,000 bonus will be given to the Chevron station from Mega Millions for selling Cummings’ winning ticket.

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