Mega Millions Jackpot climbs to $83,000,000

Mega Millions Jackpot climbs to $83,000,000

No one matched 5 numbers and the MegaBall on July 07 and the jackpot reaches $83 million.

Mega Millions Results - July 7, 2020

Yesterday, 7th of July, a Mega Millions drawing occurred which saw no lucky jackpot winners which means the grand prize rolled over to a whopping $83 Million.

Here are the results for the drawing on the 7th of July:
Main Numbers - 30, 16, 43, 20 & 25
Mega Ball - 18  and Multiplier - 3x

The highest-ranking winning 4 individuals won $30,000 each after managing to match 4 main numbers as well as the Mega Ball with the Megaplier included. Meanwhile, 7 winning individuals won $10,000 each after matching 4 main numbers along with the Mega Ball, however with no megaplier.

Latest Jackpot Winners

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve had some eye-popping jackpot wins recently. Just a month ago, on the 9th of June, a couple from Glendale took home a $410 Million ($319.9 Million cash) reward. The husband stated how he was aching for two weeks straight to get a Mega Millions ticket, and just before his purchase, he found a shiny-looking penny so he said he felt quite lucky. To his surprise, he won the entire sum! He also said how now there’s not a payment he won’t be able to fulfil.

On the 11th of February 2020, another win occurred in New Jersey of $202 Million ($142.6 Million cash) by an anonymous individual. This individual purchased a single ticket at a Quick Stop Food Store in Edison, New Jersey and became a millionaire - how lucky is that? 

Why would winners, given the opportunity, choose the anonymous route? Some states nowadays have been giving people the chance of staying anonymous after a grand win such as Delaware, Ohio, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, South Carolina and even Texas. But why would one opt for it? It’s quite obvious that a massive reward, as much happiness it might bring, it might also bring a burden onto one’s life. Unnecessary attention, violence and attacks could be possible once a person’s name is out in the open for people to look into. In some states winners are allowed to remain anonymous if the prizes are claimed by a trust, an entity created to hold assets on behalf of certain persons or entities. 

The next Mega Millions draw is this Friday at 23:00 EST (05:00 GMT) and the jackpot soars up to $83,000,000. Save the date, and push your luck.

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