Electric excitement as the Mega Millions draw counts down

Electric excitement as the Mega Millions draw counts down

Everyone has luxuries on their shopping list if they won the Mega Millions, but are all the items on your list predictable or do you have a few wacky things in mind as well? With a jackpot of $347 million - you wouldn't be alone, plenty to do in fact!

The first month of the year is barely over, but a whole new experience of life might be waiting around the corner for a lucky winner.

The last big win on the Mega Millions was a lucky ticket holder from New York. The winning ticket was a jaw-dropping figure of $431 million. Imagine what the lucky ticket holder felt in those first few minutes after realizing they won such a huge fortune; excitement, shock, disbelief - probably all of the above!

A 9 digit bank account balance is an incredible sight after all - now imagine it was your bank balance that suddenly ran into the hundreds of millions! Most people would be bouncing off the walls if they won just a few millions, but what about $347 million?

The number is just fantastic and probably your shopping list is equally fantastic - with designer labels, exclusive property location, exotic destinations, and a few sets of wheels. From there the list probably becomes a bit more unique.

We asked some of our team members if there was a silly or wild thing they would do with the winnings - the sort of thing you would do, just because you could, and the answers weren’t disappointing. We got:  

  • wallpaper a room with cash (makes repair easy, albeit a bit costly)

  • buy a helicopter (because even Ferraris get stuck in traffic)

  • would put it all in one room, in cash, and just look at it (how very Scrooge Mcduck) 

  • buy an entire island (because who needs property when you can be your own country…sort of)

We’re sure you can come up with even crazier ideas that would raise eyebrows but before you start trying to outdo the above list, remember that you need to be a participant in order to win?

All you have to do is pick 5 numbers between 1-70 and 1 Mega Ball number between 1-25, it’s that simple. 
It’s that easy - and you could be well on your way to winning the $347 million jackpot. Just saying the figure gives us goose-bumps!

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