Changes to the Rules of the Mega Millions Jackpot

Changes to the Rules of the Mega Millions Jackpot

After the drawing of Friday, April 3, 2020, some changes to the rules of the Mega Millions jackpot were put into effect. Let’s have a look at the changes that were made.

The starting jackpot amount has been changed

Mega Millions has seen a drop in sales due to the current circumstances around the world, so the minimum jackpot amount has been removed. There will no longer be a fixed minimum jackpot amount because the starting jackpot will now be determined before each drawing and it will depend on ticket sales and interest rates. 

The minimum jackpot increase has also been removed. Whereas previously, the minimum increase for each roll was that of $5 million, the rate at which the jackpot increases will also be determined by interest rates and the number of tickets sold. The starting jackpot and the jackpot increase rate will be announced before each Mega Millions drawing.

What’s different from the changes that were made in 2017?

Back in October 2017, Mega Millions made some significant changes to the rules of the lottery. One of these changes was that the minimum jackpot amount was increased from $15 million to a whopping $40 million. This is no longer in effect since the minimum jackpot amount will be determined by ticket sales.

In 2017, the odds for the second tier prizes and the payouts for third tier prizes and prize payouts for tiers 5-9 also increased. The number of Mega Balls went up to 25 and the odds for the Megaplier option improved in 2017. These changes have not been affected by the recent amendments to the rules.

The odds of winning a Mega Millions prize have not been altered.

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