Weird ways of winging it on your Mega Millions numbers

Weird ways of winging it on your Mega Millions numbers

At $312 million, the Mega Millions is starting to attract some attention as the grand prize keeps growing!

With the jackpot still growing, so is the anticipation for the draws as more and more people take a chance on the prize!

How do you pick your numbers? Some will simply use birthdays or important dates to choose their numbers, however, there are some other odd ways of choosing. A quick online search will reveal some funny and some downright odd methods to picking the numbers for a lottery.


Using a pair of dice


One method of picking lottery numbers is using a pair of dice. While we normally roll a pair of dice and simply add up the total, you can toss a pair of dice for your lotto numbers too. While this might sound strange as dice can go up to only 6 and many lotteries can go up to 50, the results of the dice can be used to select a number. For example, rolling a pair of dice and getting a 2 and a 6 can either be 28 or 8.


Are you a celeb news stalker?

celebrity grid

Are you always looking up what the latest happenings around your favorite celebrities are? 

Find out what your favorite celebs’ birthdays are and if they fit, maybe use them as your lotto numbers. Would you have thought of a favorite celebrity to help you pick your numbers?


License plates

licence plates

Another method, depending on where you live, is to jot down the numbers on the license plate of the cars that drive by. Different countries will have different ones of course so you should have a rule of thumb, for example using the last 2 or first 2 numbers only.


Completely out of your hands!

friends high five

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1:302,575,350 -  but why not make it an even bigger long shot than it is?! If you’re feeling lucky enough, you can leave it all completely up to the universe by asking someone to pick your numbers for you. Sounds a little crazy doesn’t it, but if you’re really leaving it up to luck to find you, then perhaps a close friend who wishes you well could be the one to pick the winning numbers for you! Just promise them a small consolation prize should you land the jackpot!


We want to put your mind at ease by letting you know that playing the Mega Millions is easy. Each line consists of 6 different main numbers and a single Mega Ball number. To complete a line, the main numbers must be between 1 and 70 and a Mega Ball number between 1 and 25. Once you have these numbers, you may complete a single line. You can purchase multiple entries on a single lotto draw if you have more than one set of numbers. Additionally, if you like to play the same numbers over and over, you can buy a subscription so that you’ll never miss a draw!

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