The MegaMillions has climbed to $82 Million! The next draw is tonight

The MegaMillions has climbed to $82 Million! The next draw is tonight

The Mega Millions jackpot has reached a mind-boggling $82 Million. No one won the Mega Millions jackpot which was held on the 2nd of July, which means that the current Mega Millions jackpot has had room to grow.

The Megaplier which was drawn for this draw was x2. The Megaplier is simply by how much you will multiply your winnings if you do win. This feature costs just a $1 extra, and can multiply your price by up to 5 times! 

Mega Millions Friday 2nd’s winning numbers were 8-31-32-34-45 with the mega ball number being 19. 

Two people who took home the biggest Mega Millions prize were lucky players from California and North Carolina who correctly guessed 5 of the main numbers. They won $1 Million, but, if they had used the Megaplier feature, they could have won $2 Million! 

8 lucky players correctly guessed 4 main numbers and the mega ball number. 6 of these winners took home $10,000 whilst 2 lucky winners took home $20,000. 

There were 249 players who managed to guess 4 main numbers correctly. These players went home with $500, with the 68 of them who used the multiplier bagging $1,000. 

652 different people guessed three main numbers and the mega ball, winning them $200. Out of these, less than one-third of players made use of the Megaplier bonus. Those who did, however, bagged $400. 

Guessing three numbers correctly won 17,422 people $10. 3,863 of them tried their luck with the Megaplier feature and went home with $20. 

If you were one of the 14,501 players to correctly guess 2 main ball numbers plus a mega ball, then you are the lucky recipient of $10. If you were one of the 3,169 people who made use of the Megaplier bonus, you would have received $20. 

If you guessed just one of the main numbers and the mega ball, don't worry, as you still will receive a $4 prize. If you thought like the other 24,737 players who added the Megaplier bonus to their bet, then you would have won $8. 

Last but not least, 271,986 different individuals managed to guess what the mega ball number would be. Without the Megaplier bonus, the prize was $2. 59,847 people who used the Megaplier bonus received $4.  

Don't forget that the next draw will be happening on the 6th of July 2021, and don't forget about that Megaplier bonus! 


Until then, why don't you catch up on what has been happening in the Mega Millions? On the 21st of May, the jackpot climbed up to a life-changing $515 million! That's more than half a billion which has been accumulating since the last win happened on the 16th of February. 

The Mega Millions has been around for 19 amazing years, but the jackpot has climbed this high on eight other occasions! Only two Mega Millions jackpots have been won in 2021, will you try your luck at being the third?

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