Two Winning Mega Millions Tickets Share $380 Million Jackpot

Two Winning Mega Millions Tickets Share $380 Million Jackpot

Two Mega Millions players are now millionaires, after matching all six numbers correctly to win the jackpot of $380 million for the drawing on January 4th, 2011. One of the winners is Jim McCullar, a retired Boeing employee and Vietnam War veteran. The other winner is Holly Lahti, a former bank teller from Post Falls in Idaho. 

What do we know about the winners?

Washington Winner

Jim McCullar, a father of six and grandfather of 23, is from Ephrata, Washington. He previously worked as a Boeing employee, but has been working more recently as a real estate agent. McCullar’s wife Carolyn decided that they should buy two Mega Millions lottery tickets whilst out grocery shopping at a Safeway store. 

The couple chose their numbers using their Birthdays. The winning numbers were 4, 8, 15, 25, 47 and the Mega Ball number was 42. You can view the total winners and payout information for the drawing on the Mega Millions Numbers page. 

In addition to winning the jackpot, the couple’s luck struck again, as they won $150 on their second ticket and this wasn’t the first time that they had won big on a ticket. Previously, they won $18,000 playing the Oregon Lottery. 

Jim commented on the win, saying, “We’re not the only two winners. Our whole family is winning.” He found out they were holding a winning ticket when watching the KHQ news channel. He told lottery officials: “I took my heart medication, so I wouldn’t have a heart attack. Then I woke up my wife and had her come check the numbers with me to make sure. We called all of our kids and none of them believed us.”

When asked what they would do with the winnings, Jim explained that some of the winnings will be used to help others, saying, “We always give people Christmas presents anonymously and turkeys to the food bank whenever possible. We’re just excited to pay it forward even more.”

Idaho Winner 

A few days after Jim McCullar claimed his share of the jackpot prize, the Idaho winner, Holly Lahti of Rathdrumin in Kootenai County came forward to collect her share of the $380 million jackpot. However, Holly has asked that her privacy be respected in a statement released by the Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson, saying, “She's requested that the media respect her privacy and not attempt to contact her until she's prepared to speak to you." 

A representative from the Northwest Bank in Post Falls where Holly worked has confirmed that she resigned from her job, as a bank teller and the Manger of the branch, commented about Holly’s win, saying, “She's going to do wonderful things with the money.”

Holly bought the winning ticket at Ady's Convenience & Car Wash, located in Northern Idaho, and a clerk at the store said Holly had opted for Quick Pick, where a computer randomly selects your numbers for you. The store will receive a bonus of $50,000 for selling the winning ticket. 

If Holly takes the cash lump-sum she will receive $120 million, which equates to approximately $80.7 million after taxes. 

You can find more winner news by checking the Mega Millions News section regularly.  

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