Tuesday, 28th August Mega Millions Draw: Oklahoma Has a New Millionaire

Tuesday, 28th August Mega Millions Draw: Oklahoma Has a New Millionaire

No one managed to scoop the jackpot in the last Mega Millions draw which means that it soars to $152 million. However, there was a big win in Oklahoma with a ticket that matched the 5 main numbers and included the Megaplier to win a $3 million prize.

Latest Mega Millions Results: a Ticket sold in Seiling Wins $3 Million

Here are the Mega Millions numbers drawn on Tuesday, August 28:
03-20-33-34-41 - Mega Ball 20 - Megaplier 3x

No one matched the 5 main numbers along with the MegaBall to win the jackpot, but someone in Oklahoma is celebrating after Tuesday’s draw. A ticket purchased at the Gores Travel Plaza in Seiling matched all 5 numbers from the main pool and since they included the Megaplier option, their prize was tripled to $3 million.

As stated by the Oklahoma Lottery rules, cash prizes larger than $5,001 must be claimed at the Oklahoma Lottery Office in Oklahoma City. The winner will have up to 180 days to claim the prize, after that the money will be collected by the state.

The $3 million winner is not the first in Oklahoma to win that amount this year. Back in January, Ruth Johnson from Duncan also matched the 5 main numbers and the Megaplier in the January 5th draw, netting a cool $3 million.

The Oklahoma Lottery recently saw a significant boost in tickets sales and winnings, and the contribution of the state’s lottery to public education spending increased by 19% this year. The increase is due to changes in state law. Previously the state lottery was required to contribute at least 35% of all lottery proceeds to the Education Trust Fund. This has changed so that now the lottery must contribute the first $50 million in revenue to the fund, resulting in the aforementioned 19% increase in public education spending.

Mega Millions Jackpot Grows to $152 million

Since no one matched the 5 main balls and the Megaball this time round, the jackpot rollovers again. For next Friday’s draw the prize will be $152 million, which makes it, once again, the largest jackpot in the world at the moment.

The last draw makes it the 10th since the Mega Millions jackpot was last scooped. On July 24th the incredible $543 million prize, the 3rd largest ever for the lottery, was claimed by a pool of 11 co-workers from Santa Clara County (read the full story here).

Two other jackpots were awarded this year by the Mega Millions and they both ranked in the top 10 of the largest ever for the lottery. A $450 million ($281.2 million cash) was won on January 5th this year by Shane Missler, a 20 year old background screening worker from Florida, while the other win happened on March 30th when Richard Wahl, a 47 year old food Production Manager from New Jersey, hit the $533 million ($220.7 million) jackpot.

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