The Third Largest Mega Millions Jackpot Ever Was Won By a Pool of 11 Co-Workers

The Third Largest Mega Millions Jackpot Ever Was Won By a Pool of 11 Co-Workers

They say team work makes the dream work and that was certainly true for 11 colleagues whose syndicate landed them a huge Mega Millions jackpot. The $543 million jackpot had rolled over 22 times, and it took a team to finally bring it down, proving that it can be worth joining forces on your favourite lottery.

On July 24, a single ticket matched all the winning numbers, 19-2-4-1-29 and the Mega Ball 20, to win the third largest Mega Millions jackpot ever, and also the highest prize on a single California Lottery ticket.
At first the jackpot was thought to be $522 million, but after the ticket sales count this was corrected to $543 million, and the winners soon came forward.

The ticket was purchased by a pool of 11 co-workers from Santa Clara County who are employed in the financial industry. They travelled to the Lottery’s East Bay District Office in Hayward the day after the winning draw to claim the prize.
Ronald Reyes spoke for the group, saying that they are not frequent players but had decided to pitch in $2 each to buy tickets for the Mega Millions after finding out how large the jackpot was. When they checked the numbers that night, they couldn’t believe their luck. They phoned each other and then decided to organise a meeting.

Contrary to what you may think, the winners want to keep their jobs because they love the company and what they have built there together. When asked about their plans, they included paying off mortgages and kids’ college tuition, sharing it with friends and family, studying and travelling. The group, all aged between 21 to 60, agreed with one co-worker who said that she will invest it wisely to avoid becoming a “one-time millionaire.”
Reyes also had some advice for all those people who try their luck at every draw, stressing that they are just normal people and if they won anybody could.

The winning ticket, a Quick Pick, was purchased by Reyes at Ernie’s Liquor Shop, which is located on South White Road in San Jose, Santa Clara County.
Although it might be to a lesser extent, Kewal Sachdev, the owner of the shop, is celebrating as well. Ernie’s Liquor Shop will receive the maximum bonus of $1 million from the Lottery for selling the ticket that hit the jackpot. Reyes said that he wanted to buy the ticket in a small “mom & pop” shop and his choice turned out to be the right one.

The 11 co-workers will have the chance to choose whether to take the money in a lump-sum of $320.5 million (before taxes) or spread the payment over 30 annuities.

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