The Mega Millions through the ages

The Mega Millions through the ages

Turn back time and take a look at some of the Mega Millions highlights since its first-ever draw in 1996! Keep reading to find out more…

Turn back the clock and take a trip down memory lane as we explore all of the greatest MegaMillion highlights since its inception in 1996. But, before we travel back in time, make sure that you place your bets for the massive $288 Million jackpot!

Fun Fact: MegaMillions was not always called that. From 1996 up until 2002, the lottery was known as The Big Game and only 6 states participated. These states were Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Michigan. 

The very first draw was on the 6th of September 1996, making this lottery more than 20 years old! It was in 2002 when The Big Game transformed and blossomed into the MegaMillions draw which we are more familiar with nowadays. 

Did you know that the first-ever MegaMillions draw, under this brand new shiny name, had a jackpot winner! May 17th of 2002 saw the first-ever MegaMillions jackpot being won by a lucky player in the state of Illinois. 

The MegaMillions got revamped in October 2017 where the minimum jackpot amount possible was increased from $15 Million up to $40 Million. In 2017 revamp, the MegaMillions creators also came up with a change in odds for the second price tier. These odds were improved from 1 in 18 Million to 1 in 12 Million. 

Another change that impacted the MegaMillions draw greatly is the fact that in 2017 the number of Mega Balls was increased from 15 to 25. There was also a price increase per ticket, meaning that each ticket would now cost $2 rather than $1. 

But, this is understandable as the seed jackpot amount was increased by 166%! The first draw which took place under these new rules was on October 31st, 2017. 

Since its conception, the MegaMillions draw has seen 223 winners and counting! Yesterday’s numbers were 17-18-26-52-67, with the MegaBall being 19 and the Megaplier being 2. If you want to be a part of this winner's hall of fame, make sure that you place your MegaMillions bets before the draw closes at 10:50 pm ET!
If you want to learn more about the MegaMillions history you can head on over to this page where you will find all of the basic information needed.

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