The first-ever Mega Millions jackpot victory in Wisconsin!

The first-ever Mega Millions jackpot victory in Wisconsin!

A very fortunate ticket-holder won $120 million ($95.4 million cash) after successfully matching the five main numbers 25, 28, 38, 59 and 62 as well as the Mega Ball 22. This marks the very first time anyone’s won the Mega Millions jackpot in Wisconsin.

This year of 2020, two states marked their first jackpot wins - Wisconsin and Arizona. The Wisconsin win is also the fifth jackpot win of the year. The biggest win of the year was the colossal $410 million which was won on June 9th in Arizona, by a couple from Glendale, who had been playing the lottery for 38 consecutive years. 

Meanwhile, on February 11, $202 million was won in New Jersey and on July 24, another win occurred of $123 million. After that, on July 31, a ticket-holder from California won a jackpot of $22 million.

During the draw of 15th September, one lucky individual snagged $1 million by matching the five main numbers. The megaplier for this particular draw was x4 therefore, should the $1 million dollar ticket been purchased with the megaplier - the win would’ve totalled up to a wicked $4 million! 13 other individuals won $10,000 by matching 4 main numbers as well as the Mega Ball. Two of the 13 individuals purchased their lottery tickets with the Megaplier, which is optional, winning them $40,000 each!

Ever since the July 31 jackpot win, more than 5,200,000 individuals held winning tickets! Ten of the 5.2 million winners won $1 million and more. On the 28th of August, Mega Millions saw its first-ever victorious jackpot win in the Virgin Islands of $3 million. For more information, click here to know more about the winning aftermath process.

The next draw is on Friday, 25th of September with a jackpot standing at $24 million (with a cash option $19 million). Make sure you place your bets in time for this starry draw, and set your alarms at 23:00 EST!

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