Someone in California just won a $421 Million Jackpot

Someone in California just won a $421 Million Jackpot

Sparkling Jewellery, fine dining at the most exclusive restaurant, or Valentine’s getaway - maybe all of the above. We’ve certainly got a few ideas of our own.

Wondering what you’ll buy for your Valentine? Some of us like a personal gift that reflects our passions or interests, others prefer practical gifts that could help them - and some just want to get lucky (they have their fingers crossed that cupid’s arrow hits them)!

2022 has just become a landmark year for this lucky winner from California who has just won the Mega Millions Jackpot! We’re sure the latest winner won’t have too much trouble buying their Valentine a gift. You see, one lucky player managed to match 5 numbers and the megaplier to win themselves a massive $421 million while 3 other players matched 5 numbers and got $1 million each. 

We’re sure they already have a few wild ideas by now over what to do with all their winnings and the list is probably getting longer and longer as you’re reading this - and who can blame them?

Imagine telling your special someone that you won the $421 Million Mega Millions Jackpot! 

Would you just tell them outright, or would you have a little fun with them? - We’d have a little fun with them first - like asking them what they would buy if they won a massive lottery, and then watch their face when you tell them that you can actually afford such an over-the-top idea.

Interested in trying your luck for a MegaMillions win? Well, the next draw is Friday and the only question is, have you picked your numbers?

All you have to do is pick 5 numbers between 1-70 and 1 Mega Ball number between 1-25, it’s that easy to participate. Good luck!

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