$82 Million: Just a few hours until Mega Millions’ next draw!

$82 Million: Just a few hours until Mega Millions’ next draw!

Tonight at 23:00 EST, Mega Millions will be having a lottery draw with a jackpot worth $82 Million (cash option $59.9 Million). Read to find out more, including previous lottery results.

Since there were no jackpot winners during the Tuesday drawing, the USA Mega Millions jackpot rolled-over, totaling the grand prize now to $82 Million. The next draw will happen this evening at 23:00 EST and one lucky Mega Millions ticket holder could potentially win it all. 

The previous Mega Millions lottery draw occurred on Tuesday, 9th of February and these were its results in case somehow you missed out on it:

Main Numbers - 7, 18, 21, 31 & 40

Mega Ball - 9  and Multiplier - 4x

There were 571,455 winners in all, even though there was no jackpot winner. Some of the winners won the following prizes:

  • 1 lucky individual matched with the 5 main numbers so was entitled to get $1 Million. However, he had purchased his ticket with the Megaplier and took home $4 Million.

  • 25 individuals scooped a win of $10,000 each after matching exactly with 4 of the main numbers as well as the Mega Ball. 5 of those 25 winners had purchased their ticket with the Megaplier, which resulted in their win being quadrupled into $40,000.

  • 443 people won $500 each when they matched with 4 of the main numbers. 93 of those 443 winners had their ticket with the Megaplier included which meant that their final winnings totaled $2,000 since the Megaplier was x4.

  • 1,238 matched with 3 of the main numbers as well as the Mega Ball and won $200 each. 265 of the 1,238 people had their ticket with the Megaplier therefore, winning a final total of $800.

The Megaplier is an add-on to the Mega Millions ticket and in some states, this can be purchased for a minimum of $1. If you as a player purchase a ticket with the Megaplier, you’d be increasing your chances for a larger win, as a prize could become 2x,3x,4x & 5x as big depending on which Megaplier is randomly selected in a draw. So, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Will you be trying your luck for this evening’s draw? Make sure your seat is saved, and cross your fingers as the possibilities are endless. Who knows, the $82 Million jackpot could possibly become yours to keep.

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