Somebody just won the $106M MegaMillions Jackpot!

Somebody just won the $106M MegaMillions Jackpot!

The next Mega Millions draw will take place tomorrow. Make sure you pick your numbers before the fun begins and read more about the Mega Millions draw on April 12th.

Can you imagine waking up knowing that you’d just won $106 million? Well a lucky someone did just that on Wednesday morning - they got up out of bed with a 9 figure win on its way! They had the winning numbers of 2-8-14-20-31-17. We won’t hold it against you if you're slightly jealous, we’d all like a big win after all!

If it was you though, what would you do with it? With that kind of cash, it’s a very short hop to be in the lap of luxury, but where do you start? Well maybe you need to take a step back to think - where you’ll do your thinking and planning is another matter though. You’d probably like no distractions while drawing up your big plans on how to spend it all - so why not pick a destination like a pristine beach in the Maldives! Let’s be honest, you don’t need a boardroom to make a plan (although it makes it feel a little official doesn’t it). 

Your bucket list is going to quickly find a number of things crossed off and then probably have some new exciting ideas added to it - after all, if you had “own a yacht” on the list before, it’s no stretch to add “sail yacht around the world”! If you’re not the sailing type and prefer dry land, why not go on a massively long road trip - just you, the open road, your thoughts, and maybe someone to keep you company. We’ll leave the choice of car for a said road trip up to you - after all, with that kind of cash, everything from a pick-up truck to an F1 car is yours to play with!

You know, the next Mega Millions drawdown is already on its way, and you might already have the winning numbers in mind. You should also know that even if you don’t land the jackpot there are still 8 other prize tiers that you might get - you can check these here! It all starts with taking a chance, and with a bit of luck, the next winner could be you! The next draw takes place on the 15th of April so you’re still in time to get in on the action! Good luck!

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