Mega Millions Jackpot Soars to $121 million

Mega Millions Jackpot Soars to $121 million

There were no winners who took home the $107 Mega Millions Jackpot last night, but there was a second-prize winner with 5 numbers matching in New Jersey. The winner of the $530 million jackpot from last month’s draw has not yet come forward with his ticket.

Latest Mega Millions Results

Here are the winning numbers for the $107 million Mega Millions drawn on Tuesday, July 9:

12-26-40-48-64 – Mega Ball 01 – MegaPlier 2x

There were no winners who matched all the 5 main numbers along with the MegaBall to win the staggering prize. There was however, 1 ticket purchased in New Jersey with the Megaplier, which matched 5 numbers and is valued at $2 million. 

The draw on Friday 5th July, with a jackpot of $95 million, was also not hit. The winning numbers were 06-38-47-57-63 with a Mega Ball of 12 and Megaplier 2. There were also no second-prize $1 million tickets which were sold nationally. There were 2 ticket, bought with the Megaplier option, which matched four numbers, and another 9 tickets matching 4 numbers, valued at $500 apiece.

For next Friday, July 13th’s draw the prize will be $121 million. 

How Many Mega Millions Jackpot Winners We Had So Far in 2019

On June 7th of this year, the $530 million jackpot of the time was won in San Diego matching all 5 numbers including the Mega Ball, but the winner has not yet come forward to claim his ticket. The ticket was purchased at Sorrento Deli-mart, whose owners will receive $1 million as their share of the winnings for having sold the six-number ticket. The winning numbers drawn were 17-19-27-40-68 and the Mega number was 2.

The winner has 1 year from the date of the draw to claim his winnings, as stated by the California Lottery. The jackpot can be received in 30 instalments or at its $345.2 million cash value, but it is in the hands of the ticket owner to decide how it is to be collected. 

This is the 4th draw this year with all 6-numbers being matched, the first one being on New Year’s day. The $437 million jackpot was claimed by a pool of 23 co-workers from Long Island in New Jersey. Two other jackpots were awarded this year. A $273 million jackpot ($162.6 million in cash) was won on March 1st by Michael J. Weirsky in New Jersey while the other win happened a couple of weeks later on March 12th when Hira Singh hit the $50 million jackpot with her ticket being purchased in Kansas City. 

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