Mega Millions Jackpot Is Largest Since 2016 At $418 Million

Mega Millions Jackpot Is Largest Since 2016 At $418 Million

The top prize in Mega Millions is up to a staggering $418 million after Tuesday night’s drawing failed to produce a jackpot winner. There have only ever been three larger jackpots offered in the history of the game, and nobody has won a bigger prize since 2016.

Mega Millions Results

The numbers drawn on Tuesday were 1, 42, 47, 64 and 70, with Mega Ball 22. While nobody won the jackpot, two lucky participants matched all five main white balls, with one of those tickets sold in Ohio and the other in Florida. The Florida player added the Megaplier to their selection and would have been thrilled to see the number 4x drawn, boosting their prize from $1 million to $4 million.

There were over 1.6 million other prizes given away across America last night, ranging from $2 for matching just the Mega Ball to $10,000 for matching four main numbers plus the Mega Ball. Go to the Mega Millions Numbers page to find out more about the latest results.

Mega Millions Jackpot

The estimated jackpot for Tuesday had been a sensational $343 million, but it has now increased by an astonishing 21.8% ahead of the next drawing on Friday. One of the reasons that a number of changes were made to the game in October was so that the top prize could grow more quickly, and it has now rapidly surged past the $400 million mark.

The jackpot has remained out of reach since the changes were introduced, and it now ranks as the fourth-largest of all time. The record stands at $656 million and dates back to March 30th 2012, when three ticket holders shared the money. The last time a larger prize was won was July 8th 2016, when a player from Indiana picked up $536 million to become the biggest winner on a single ticket.

Friday’s estimated jackpot of $418 million is equal to $261.5 million in cash, and any lucky winners on Friday will have to consider the merits of cash vs annuity when they are thinking about how they want to receive their payout.

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