Mega Millions Jackpot has reached $200 million!

Mega Millions Jackpot has reached $200 million! This jackpot keeps getting bigger after the 22nd draw without a winner.

Mega Millions Results for April 28, 2020

Yesterday evening, the last Mega Millions draw for the month of April took place with a jackpot of $186 million.
The following numbers were drawn last night:
13-19-53-54-63 - Mega Ball 17 - Megaplier 3X

The mega prize of $186 million was not won by anyone, which means we have another rollover! The Mega Millions jackpot has now shot up to a whopping $200 million, with a cash option of $161.8 million.

Nobody won the second prize of $1 million either as no one matched 5 main numbers. Twelve players matched 4 main numbers and the Mega Ball, meaning that they won $10,000 each. Four of those players also had the Megaplier, which multiplied their $10K prize by 3.

Mega Millions have also updated their rules recently, due to the current situation around the world. These changes mainly affect the jackpot and you can have a look at them in our previous article.

Latest Mega Millions Jackpot Wins

The last Mega Millions jackpot win happened on February 11, 2020, making yesterday’s draw the 22nd rollover since then. This jackpot win was also the only one for the year 2020. The winner was a single ticket holder from New Jersey, who won a massive $202 million with a cash option of $142.2 million - which means he started his 2020 really well!

Speaking of jackpot wins, we also cannot forget the biggest ever Mega Millions jackpot to be given out in the history of lotteries! The astonishing $1.537 billion (that’s right, billion) jackpot was snatched by a single ticket holder back in October 2018 in South Carolina.

The next Mega Millions draw will be taking place this Friday, May 1, at 23:00 EST.

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