The Mega Million jackpot has climbed to $368 Million

The Mega Million jackpot has climbed to $368 Million

Check out what you may have missed here at the Mega Millions draw! We will be rounding up all of the latest and greatest news together with taking a look at what the last draws numbers were.

Extra, extra, read all about it! Check out the round-up of all the latest news when it comes to the Mega Millions draw! 

The last numbers to form part of the Mega Millions winning line hall of fame were 15, 17, 25, 32, and 53 with the most recent MegaBall being 12. The MegaPlier reached 3x the last draw too! 

If you always watch the draw live then you already know that last Friday’s draw did not go as planned. On the 3rd of September, the Mega Millions draw could not take place at its scheduled 11 pm start time in America. 

This delay was caused by technical difficulties whose details were not shared with the public. If you had logged in to see the live stream, you would have been met with a blue screen that simply read:

‘Due to technical difficulties, tonight’s draw has been temporarily halted. Once the malfunction is corrected, the drawing will continue under the supervision of the auditor. Please stay tuned to this station for all Mega Millions winning numbers.’ 

The stream did not resume. However, the winning numbers for the 3rd of September draw were posted onto the official Mega Millions website later that evening, at around 12.15 am. 

But, this technically challenged draw still created some big winners! The winning line for the 3rd of September was 7-10-12-61-65 with the MegaBall being 3 and the MegaPlier being 2x! 

Although no one won the grand jackpot, there were 9 winners who received $90,000 each! Around 800 thousand players who bought a Mega Millions bet received a prize of some size!

The draw on Tuesday, the 7th of September did not seem to have any technical difficulties, which can only mean that whatever issue caused the delay has been resolved. Let’s hope that all goes swimmingly for tonight’s draw! 

Make sure that you have picked your numbers and had your say, as we will see who has correctly guessed the winning numbers Friday night… 

Head on over here, pick your numbers and count your lucky stars and no one can ever know who the next jackpot winner will be! 

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