Mega Millions jackpot climbs up to a massive $240 Million!

Mega Millions jackpot climbs up to a massive $240 Million!

The Mega Millions jackpot is becoming bigger and better as it continues to roll over. The next draw will happen this evening at 23:00 EST in Atlanta, Georgia. Read for more.

Mega Millions jackpot was not won during the last draw which happened on Tuesday, 13th April 2021, therefore, its grand prize now stands at the $240,000,000 mark. It still has room to grow as the largest win in Mega Millions history was $1.537 billion and it was won in late 2018.

The winning numbers of the Tuesday draw were 10, 15, 19, 45, 68 & 9. Its Megaplier was 4X.

During that particular draw, there were 739,701 different winners in total which all scooped up a prize ranging from as little as $2 to as large as $1 Million. Here below you will find some of the draw’s sizeable winnings: 

  • Only 1 individual managed to match with the 5 main numbers and won $1 Million. This individual did not purchase the lottery ticket with the Megaplier therefore the win did not quadruple. 

  • 15 people matched with 4 of the main numbers as well as the Mega Ball and they won $10,000 each. 5 of those 15 individuals had the Megaplier added to their ticket, which resulted in their winnings quadrupling to an incredible $40,000.

  • 400 others won $500 each when they matched with 4 of the main numbers. 99 of those 400 people had purchased the Megaplier with the ticket, therefore their winnings quadrupled to $2,000.

  • 1,285 people matched with 3 of the main numbers as well as the Mega Ball which awarded them with a win of $200 each. 261 from the 1,285 individuals had a Megaplier ticket and their winnings were quadrupled to $800.

The Megaplier is an add-on option to your ticket which could double, triple, quadruple, or quintuple your winnings according to what Megaplier’s drawn. Costing you only $1, it’s definitely worth a shot. 

The upcoming draw will go live tonight at 23:00 EST and will boast a jackpot of $240 Million. Be sure to save your spot within the draw to not miss out on any potential winning possibilities. 


A couple in New York claims a $96 Million jackpot

A couple residing in Blossvale in New York recently claimed a jackpot win of $96 Million. This Mega Millions ticket was purchased in Kinney Drugs located at 2 Preston St. in Camden, New York. This jackpot win occurred last February and its winning numbers were 1, 36, 44, 54, and 66, meanwhile, its Mega Ball was 10.

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