May Day King or Queen, or maybe a jackpot winner!

May Day King or Queen, or maybe a jackpot winner!

The Mega Millions jackpot has once again evaded players but another chance is coming up!

Ever wondered what it’s like to win a massive jackpot? Have you ever daydreamed about opening up your bank account to confirm that you have indeed received millions in winnings? One of the latest big wins saw one player carry off a whopping $106 Million and we’re still wondering how they chose to celebrate such a massive win! What would you do with such a massive payout? 

It must be a little confusing waking up the day after the big win, you’d probably start getting ready for work out of sheer habit and then slowly, quietly realize that you could probably buy just about anything! It certainly won’t be quiet for long if it was us, we’d be jumping for joy and screaming! With summer nearly here, you could very well upgrade your vacation into a well-deserved long holiday. Pick your favourite instagrammable destination whether it's a warm tropical beach with sand underneath your feet and the sound of soft waves on the nearby shore, or perhaps you prefer a colder getaway like a chic cabin in the mountains and snow. If you win the Mega Millions you won’t have to choose, you can do them both!

In case you missed it, the last draw results were: 5 7 19 46 69 2

Playing the Mega Million is super easy; a single line costs about the same as a cup of coffee and could be your ticket to an awesome win! Something that a lot of players love is the fact that MegaMillions has so many awesome prize tiers. Even though no one won the last Jackpot draw, there were 11 players who won a $10,000 runner-up prize just for matching 4 numbers and the MegaBall number, and that's without mentioning all the other prize tier winners. So even by matching a few numbers, you could still win a prize.

Now the next Mega Millions draw is for a gorgeous $43 Million and will take place on Friday 29th of April at 23:00 EST( 5:00 GMT). We bet that’s grabbed your attention.

Now you, yes you the person reading this, what if you were the next Mega Millions winner? Imagine looking back and remembering the moment you read about the Mega Millions and thought to yourself “What if I did win?” 

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