Mega Millions Changes Happening This Saturday

Mega Millions Changes Happening This Saturday

Lottery fans in the US are preparing for the new Mega Millions changes, which are being introduced this Saturday. The changes will give players the chance to win larger jackpots, with improved odds for the second-tier prize, which will help to create more millionaires. The first drawing to include the changes will be held on Tuesday, October 31st. 

Why is Mega Millions Changing? 

The Mega Millions changes are being implemented to be able to provide more value for players and to offer larger prizes, as jackpots will grow faster. Additional funds will also go towards the “respected causes lotteries benefit” according to lottery officials. 

New York State Gaming Commission general counsel Edmund Burns commented on the changes earlier in the year, saying, "Without these rules changes, the Division of Lottery would need to remove the Mega Millions game from its portfolio of offerings and aid to education would be affected negatively."

New Mega Millions Rules

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect under the new Mega Millions rules. 

Bigger and Better Prizes

The starting jackpot will increase from $15 million to $40 million, which will help to produce bigger jackpots. 

Better Odds for Second Tier Prizes

Odds for the second-tier prize will shorten from 1 in 18 million to 1 in 12 million, giving more players the chance to become $1 million richer.

Increase in Third Tier Prize Payouts

Prize payouts for the third tier will increase from $5,000 to $10,000 and for the fifth tier from $50 to $200. 

Number Matrix Changes

The main numbers will be reduced from 75 to 70, whilst number of Mega Balls will increase from 15 to 25.

The Mega Millions drawings will continue to take place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 23.00 EST. Players can buy Mega Millions tickets as usual at any authorized retailer in participating states or you can choose your numbers online. The price of a single ticket will increase to $2. 

Just the Jackpot Option 

A new option called ‘Just the Jackpot’ will be available to all players in participating states except for New Hampshire. Just the Jackpot enables players to place a wager on the jackpot only, meaning they will not be eligible for prizes in the other tiers. The price of Just the Jackpot is $3 for two entries. 

What is the next Mega Millions Jackpot? 

Tonight is the second last Mega Millions drawing in which you can choose your numbers under the current rules. The jackpot stands at an estimated $25 million. Ticket sales cut-off times vary, so make sure to choose your numbers in time. Good luck! 

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