Largest Jackpot in U.S. History Won by Three Ticket Holders

Largest Jackpot in U.S. History Won by Three Ticket Holders

The largest jackpot in U.S. history worth an astonishing $656 million has been claimed by three lucky ticket holders in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas. The players matched the winning numbers for the drawing on March 30th, which were 2, 4, 23, 38, 46, and the Mega Ball 23. 

Who are the winners of the biggest Mega Millions jackpot? 

Maryland Winners

The first winning ticket holders to come forward were from Maryland. A group of friends, known as “The Three Amigos," purchased a total of 60 tickets and after the drawing, one of the group members commented saying “I had all 60 tickets spread across my floor.” She also said, “Once I realized one was a winner, I called my two friends right away.” The Three Amigos, who work in the public education system, are aged in their 20s, 40s and 50s. Once they discovered they had won, the group came up with a plan, saying, “We made copies of the ticket, and we each signed the copies.”

When claiming their winnings, the group chose the cash option of approximately $158 million before taxes. With their new fortune, The Three Amigos plan on keeping their jobs for the moment and one of the group members commented, “I’m going to help my children with their college expenses, pay off my house and buy a house for my sister.” The other two members are also making exciting plans, which include backpacking in Europe and taking a trip to Italy. 

Maryland Lottery Director Stephen Martino, commented on the recent win, saying, “Although these three have hit the jackpot-of-a-lifetime, everyone in the state wins.” Martino also commented that money will go towards good causes, “more than $13 million in additional tax revenue to support the good causes of the state.” 

Illinois Winners

The second winning ticket was bought by an Illinois couple, Merle and Patricia Butler from Red Bud in Randolph County. Their share of the jackpot prize is the largest prize ever to be claimed in Illinois Lottery history. 

Merle spoke about the win, saying, “We are just everyday people who have worked hard all our life, who love our family and our city, pay our taxes and try and keep up with all the work that’s involved in owning and maintaining a house.” The retired couple who have been married for 41 years plan on investing a portion of the winnings, as well as helping their grandchildren and two children, and are also considering buying a new car. 

Kansas Winner 

The third winner from Kansas has decided to remain anonymous and it has been reported by officials that they are now looking forward to retirement. They have also chosen to take home the cash option of approximately $157 million. 

Where were the winning tickets sold? 

The winning ticket in Maryland was sold at the 7-Eleven, which is located on 8014 Liberty Rd in Baltimore. The retailer will receive a vendor’s bonus of $100,000 for selling the winning ticket. 

Merle and Patricia Butler from Illinois, bought their winning ticket at the Moto Mart, located on 900 S Main Street in Red Bud. Moto Mart will receive $500,000 for selling the winning ticket and the owner, has decided to give $50,000 to employees that work in the Red Bud store. 

The anonymous winner in Kansas, purchased their ticket at Casey's General Store, located on 940 N. Main Street in Ottawa. 

Where can I find more information about Mega Millions winners? 

You can find information on the top 10 Mega Millions jackpot winners by visiting the dedicated page. If you would like to try your luck and enter Friday’s drawing, the jackpot is an estimated $65 million. Tickets are available from authorized retailers or players can choose their numbers online. The winning numbers will be available shortly after the drawing on the Latest Numbers page. 

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