A couple from Glendale claimed the $410 million Mega Millions jackpot

A couple from Glendale claimed the $410 million Mega Millions jackpot

The most recent winning individuals stepped forward in order to collect their very extravagant Mega Millions reward of $410,000,000.

A couple who’ve been playing the lottery for the past 38 years got their lucky strike by winning the Mega Millions’ massive $410M jackpot with a $2 ticket.

Purchased on May 27, the ticket matched all six numbers on the Tuesday, June 9 Mega Millions drawing, winning the 11th largest jackpot in the lottery’s history. Circle K - which is located at 20203 N. 67th Ave. in Glendale - is also obtaining $50,000 from the Arizona Lottery for selling the winning ticket, which they have decided to donate to a charity association.

The couple came to the decision to keep their identity anonymous, however, to soothe our curiosity they did want to slightly share some details about themselves and their winning experience.

The husband is 70 years old and the wife is 63 years old. They picked out their extremely fortunate numbers according to the birthdays of their family members. They said how they want to invest the attractive sum, as well as clearing out their mortgage payments, taking care of their children and their grandchildren, and live leisurely on the rest of the amount.

He spoke about how his birthday was in the coming month, and was aching for the past two weeks to purchase a ticket - it made things even more exciting for him when the husband found a new shiny penny just before he bought the ticket, so he said he felt in luck.

He even said how it was an amazing feeling, and that you cannot win if you do not play. He continued to say how there will never be a bill he can’t make up for! He explains how for him playing the lottery is an entertainment bill.

The couple decided to go with lump-sum cash worth $319.9 million, however, with $76.8 million in federal taxes and $15.3 million to the state, their actual payoff is approximately $227.8 million!

What an amazing lotto experience! The next Mega Millions draw is this Friday, 26 June, with a €38.8 million jackpot. Keep your eyes on the prize, and save the date!

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