What to do, with one hundred and thirteen (million dollars)?

What to do, with one hundred and thirteen (million dollars)?

Big purchases are all well and good, but repetitive splurging on an expensive hobby is the mark of the truly wealthy! Here are some pricey hobbies that are only available to the super-wealthy or a lottery winner - maybe, one of these will be your future hobby!

Have you always dreamt of having some ridiculously expensive hobby? How about polo - where an entry-level polo pony alone is an easy $15,000 - obviously the pony alone isn't enough to start playing! Maybe you prefer something you can park somewhere and take-off with whenever you want, like flying. The rush of flying your own plane is described as a uniquely liberating experience. 

Similar to flying, winning a lottery is an incredible experience; the excitement, the shock, and most of all, the euphoria. Now imagine that it was a whopping 9 figure payout that you won, like yesterday’s $102 Million Jackpot!

The Mega Millions results for the latest draw Tuesday, March 1st were: 18 22 38 39 50 and 18

It seems that another round has come and gone but no one matched all the necessary numbers. The jackpot will be rolled over into the next draw and will be an estimated $113 Million. For now, we’ll dream a little about what we could do with it, but instead of big purchases, maybe you’ve got an expensive hobby in mind?

Perhaps you’re into motor racing and you’ve always wanted to get behind the wheel of a real race car, but why to stop there, you could start your own racing team! Or you’re a lover of the arts and you’d like your home to look a bit like an art gallery. With this kind of win, we’re sure you can even get your hands on your very own Picasso or Rembrandt. Or maybe you’re not a fan of dryland and are mesmerized by yacht racing - which is currently the world’s most expensive hobby! We’ll admit, the lure of the sea, the refined elegance of sailing, and the excitement of a race are a powerful combination!

Has all this talk of luxury gotten you interested in playing the MegaMillions lottery? The next draw is Friday and the only question is, do you have your own set of lucky numbers picked?

All you have to do is pick 5 numbers between 1-70 and 1 Mega Ball number between 1-25, it’s that easy to participate. Good luck!

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